b'NEWSMICHIGAN ONCOLOGY QUALITY CONSORTIUM SPRING 2021The Voices of Patientsand CaregiversThe past several months of our worlds COVID-19 quarantining has actually had a positive effect on MOQCs Patient and Caregiver Oncology Quality Council (POQC) and its work. Previous regular meetings had been done by phone and had limited success because of the difficulty of creating consistent connectivity and productivity, but moving to Zoom meetings has had a very positive effect.Our face-to-face meetings have created a cohesivenessFrom the Program Director and energy that has led to three notable workgroups focusing on Financial Toxicity, Caregiver Resources, and Anti-Happy Spring! Racism. Each are important topics that were broughtOur team is excited to share our updates with youup independently by POQC members.through our Spring Newsletter. As things do tend to do inInterest in financial toxicity was fueled by a breakout session spring, weve been growing. Please read this newsletterat a previous biannual meeting. It was furthered by interaction to learn more about our new MOQC team members. Ourwith two U-M School of Public Health faculty, Drs. Minal Patel search for a new MOQC Program Manager is underway.and Dr. Lauren Hamel, who surveyed fall regional meeting Dr. Jennifer GriggsIt is hard indeed to fill the shoes of Louise Bedard, whoattendees for a research project: Addressing Financial Hardship Program Director left MOQC in February after six years of service. to Improve Cancer Outcomes. Caregiver resources has been Another upcoming change for MOQC is the selection of a new database.a passion project of one of our POQC members for a long QOPI, the database created by ASCO, will no longer be available aftertime. The hope is that resources can be collected and shared December 2021. The movement to a new database allows us to thinkat upcoming meetings. Anti-racism was identified by another about new opportunities for youways to get your data faster, new ideasPOQC member who wanted to learn moreoverall and how for measures, for ways in which we can share the data, for new initiatives.it relates to improving cancer careand was augmented by a Please join us for the vendor exhibit to help us select the right database togreat presentation by Dr. Griggs at a recent POQC meeting.meet your needs. Generating trusted data is one of our Strategic Objectives,POQC subcommittees have been formed on each topic, and we would love your input. Details are provided on the following pages.and work has been done to develop a better understanding QOPI-certified practices will still have access to the QOPI platform.of each. That understanding will create a foundation for MOQC wants to hear from you. What are we doing well? What could we dodeveloping an action plan for each topic that will hopefully better? How can we increase the value of MOQC participation to you and yourbenefit MOQC and all of its participating practices. The practices? Maximizing value is another one of our Strategic Objectives. We wantexpectation is that POQC can update MOQC practices on to make sure that our work improves patient and family outcomes and thateach effort at the June biannual meeting.we effectively serve you, the clinicians and practices that care for patients inAlso, POQC has grown to 10 Michigan. Please reach out to us with ideas, and, when we contact you to getmembers this month with the your input, know that we read every email you send. addition of Tracey Cargill-Smith Centering equity is a key focus of our shared work. Please read inside for anand Peggy Burns. The addition D update on our equity initiatives and consider joining the Equity Task Force. of different perspectives and r . J e experiences helps POQC better n n Theres much to read in this newsletter. See you soon!ife represent the population of r Griggs, Progra Michigan, so new members are m Director always welcome.PeggyBurnsIN THIS ISSUE 3 OurGrowingMOQCTeam 6 ResearchProjects:Recruiting 4 OurGrowingMOQCTeamContinued OncologistsAttitudesRegardingChemofor1From the Program Director5 QualityProjects:NewResources PatientsNeartheEndofLife1 TheVoicesofPatientsandCaregivers 5 POEM:MakingaDifference 6 PracticePhysicianChampionUpdate2 FromtheProgramCo-Director 5 DataEngineUpdate 7 HealthEquityCorner2 FromtheProgramCo-Director,6 ResearchProjects:Update7 MOQCMeasuresUpdateClinicalQualityInitiatives8 MOQCMeetings2021ScheduleMiGHT:TheImportanceofFamilyHistory2 PracticeSpotlight:Dr.CarolRapson inOncology FinancialToxicityinCancerCareDelivery1'