b'NEWSMICHIGAN ONCOLOGY QUALITY CONSORTIUM FALL 2019Letter from the Program DirectorAutumn greetings from MOQC! because you did not have the vocabulary to understand what was As you know, weve had a busy 2019.being said, please email or call us. Were hoping to focus on Weve formed a productive collaborationdifficult conversations about patient values, advance directives, between MOQC practices and nearly all ofsharing prognosis, and end-of-life discussions. We will be the larger and system-based Michiganpresenting cases without using your name.hospices. This collaboration has led toThe January meeting will also include a session on changes in deeper understanding of the work we allMedicares Quality Payment Program (QPP) for 2020. Michael do and the ways in which we can improveSmith, PharmD, BCPS, will return to discuss pharmacologic care of our patients and communicationmanagement of symptoms. Dr. Jennifer Griggsbetween our specialties.Program Director Dont forget - we now offer continuing education credits forEach MOQC region has been working on social workers as well as for physicians, nurses and administrators. a project that will be part of a set of resources for clinicians,Our final hurdle to clear on this front is to provide continuing patients, and their families. These resources will be sharededucation credits to pharmacists at our Biannual meetings.across all MOQC practices. Most of the initial projects are nearlyWe will inform you as soon as we accomplish this. completed. Theres more work to be done after this, of course,We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming Fall regional but were excited about the progress weve made so far. meetings. Register by going to moqc.org. This coming Januarys Biannual Meeting promises to beKeep reading for more information and updates.informative and unique. We will hold an often suggested Faith & Culture Panel. Well run this as a Case Conference. If you have aCheers,patient story (or a blend of two or more cases) in which you found yourself challenged to meet a patient or familys needs, whetherJennifer Griggs, MD, MPH, FACP, FASCObecause you lacked understanding of their faith or culture or POQC (Patient & Caregivers OncologyIN THIS ISSUEQuality Council) Pointers 1 LetterfromtheProgramDirector1POQC Pointers POQC Member: Amanda challenges, and made new cancer friends.2Value-Based Reimbursement Measure: During my 3rd cancer recurrence, I spent anChemotherapy-InducedNauseaandIt was a time when cancer had been wreakingVomiting(CINV)havoc on my body for about 6 years already. amazing summer week learning how to3 Patient-ReportedOutcomeMeasuresforI still felt the negative effects of treatmentwhitewater kayak. I arrived in Montana andOncology(PROMOnc)Updateevery day and I had not only lost somemet a group of young adults who were also3 Welcome:NewMOQCPracticesabilities, but I had also lost so muchliving with or had survived cancer.3MOQC Teamconfidence. I wasParticipants were from all over the country.3 WebsiteUpdateup in the middle We were at different points in cancer and had4 MOQCMeasures:MedOncandGynOncof one night and different ability levels, but we were at similar5 MOQCMapspoints in life. Throughout that week, we ate6 HospiceEnrollmentInitiativeI found First7 PartnershipswiththeStateDescents on theand learned about healthy, plant-based foods7 PaymentswillGoDirectlytoPracticesinternet andfrom a professional chef, we learned from8 UpcomingEventsapplied. They sentprofessional kayakers the basics all the way me away on anthrough soloing in class 4 rapids, and we outdoor adventureconnected over our shared highs and lows. It where I pushed myreminded me that I was not alone and that I boundaries,could still overcome other really tough conqueredchallenges, even while I was still living with incredibleAmandaissuchagreatkayakernow. continued on next page Youcanonlyseeherhelmetinthewave!1'