Clinical Champions

All MOQC practices have identified a physician who acts as a Clinical Champion (CC) or leader for quality in their practice. Clinical Champions are eligible to serve as a member of MOQC’s Steering Committee, and/or as Advisors to any MOQC Quality Initiative. Clinical Champions are a physician who:

  • are active in the care of cancer patients
  • share performance data of their practice and region with their colleagues for discussion and improvement opportunities
  • advocate for inclusion of MOQC improvement projects as part of quality program
  • lead or oversee quality improvement efforts
  • ensure physicians & practice obtain benefits of improvement effort (e.g. MOC, CME)
  • attend MOQC meetings and invite members of practice to ensure team-based understanding of performance and approach to improvement

New in 2020, MOQC will disseminate to physician Clinical Champions the de-identified practice data which is presented at our Biannual meetings. Clinical Champions will be requested to engage clinicians at their practice who are not able to come to our meetings. One way to do this will be to share the practice performance data at an internal practice meeting. Practices will receive a VBR for successfully completion of the task. In addition, CME credits will be available through MiCME to learners who review the slide presentation. The objectives are to identify gaps in quality on key process and outcome measures, to recognize measures in which their practice has room for improvement, both relative to the national performance (national QOPI performance) and relative to what would be considered ideal performance. Finally, learners will be asked to take a 3-question test, and attest to completing the slide review before obtaining CME credits. More information on claiming CME credits can be found here.