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There is so much to help us do better at survival in cancers, and so many more new treatments out there, but the one thing that is often overlooked is – is it the right thing to do for the patient? So I was thrilled to see that MOQC is focusing on hospice. It’s so under looked in oncology these days.


We had some nice conversations of the incorporation of palliative care for patients and barriers to provide PC in our clinics. Will work locally to expand outpatient palliative care options for our patients to complement the PC that can be provided by the treating oncologist. Also discussed good strategies in the clinic that have worked well at other centers during COVID pandemic that could be further developed at our cancer center.


I was fortunate enough to become a member. I was honored to be asked. It was and is an honor to be a member of POQC.

POQC Member

As typical for this conference, I am motivated to continue to integrate my palliative practice more fully into the fiber of our cancer center activities, and to advance ways of measuring the impact of the work we do.


MOQC brings us all together. It’s very unifying, we’re all on the same page, we’re all looking at the same issues and developing like action plans so that we’re improving care.

PATRICE TIMS, RN, BSN, MSA – Karmanos Cancer Institute Detroit

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